Improving Your E-Commerce Experience

How could brands and websites improve your online shopping experience?

Black Friday and Cyber Monday may have passed, but the holiday season is once again upon us and there's a good chance that you are scrambling around trying to find all of the presents that you need to buy. The average shopper in the United States will buy 16 gifts this holiday season, with e-commerce now the preferred shopping method and 39% of shoppers making purchases using mobile devices. 

Shopping over the holiday season represents 20% of the retail industries total sales, and with shopping baskets overflowing, we want to know how your online shopping experience could be improved. Share your ideas in the challenge, tagging the brands that you think could learn from your knowledge and frustrations, and liking and commenting on the best ideas that you see. 

Do you need an easier check-out process? Faster delivery times? A better way to try before you buy? Share your best ideas and frustrations throughout the month of December and we will select the 3 best ideas and reward them with prizes! Who knows, maybe your great idea will help you get the present that you really wanted!

Share your ideas, like and comment on your favorite posts, and join in the discussion! 

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winnerGold medalVincent Grèzes
Et si je pouvais simplement prendre une photo d'un objet/produit pour le retrouver sur un site de e-commerce. Un Shazam des objets ! :)
Carte cadeau de 100€ chez Amazon

Carte cadeau d'une valeur de 100€ valable sur l'ensemble du site

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