The Future of Social Media

What changes and innovations would you like to see made in social media over the next 12 months

Social media networks have become an essential part of most people's daily lives. From interacting with friends on Facebook, to getting the latest news on Twitter, looking for a new job on LinkedIn, or even sharing great ideas on Braineet, almost all of us have found some way to take advantage of what social media has to offer.

In the wake of Twitter's announcement that it will be doubling its character limits
, now is a great time to discuss what other changes and innovations we would like to see in social media. Do you need more characters? The ability to post longer videos? A better way to upload live content? Less us know!

Take part in this Challenge and share your best ideas on how social media could make your life better and easier. We'll be collecting and reviewing ideas until the end of October and after that we'll be selecting the best ones and rewarding 3 users with prizes!

Share your ideas, like and comment on your favorite posts, and join in the discussion! 

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1st prize

winnerGold medalMissy Strong
What if ig/fb/tw photos used geolocalization to create a cloud album at events so that others at the event could see and use the best pics
$100 eGift Card

$100 eGift Card

The rest of the winners...

Laurent TaschetSee the idea
$50 eGift Card
$30 eGift Card
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No ideas yetfly
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